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Please see the update from LiveWell Colorado regarding Double Up Food Books during the government shutdown.

Hello Double Up Partners,

Please see below and attached update and information about how this shutdown is affecting SNAP, WIC, and other food assistance participants.  We know that CO Department of Human Services is already working on their request (deadline Jan 20th) to the federal government and we applaud them for their efforts during this unnecessary and avoidable situation.

Brief Background

The federal government is currently in a partial shutdown due to a dispute over funding for a Mexico-U.S. border wall. The United States Department of Agriculture is one of the agencies affected by the shutdown and their funding expired on December 21st 2018. Because USDA manages the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the shutdown is impacting SNAP.

Current Status

  • SNAP was funded through January and clients are receiving full benefits.
  • USDA has approved funding for SNAP benefits through February – BUT, to do so, the benefits have to be issued early.
  • States have until January 20th to request and provide February benefits to SNAP clients.
  • SNAP funding is secure through February.
  • We are anticipating the shutdown will end prior to March, but will keep everyone posted as negotiations continue in Washington.

For SNAP clients

  • States will be allocating February benefits as early as January 20th. It us critical that SNAP recipients are told this is what’s happening – this is likely to be confusing for some people.
  • Because SNAP recipients are getting February benefits early, there will be a longer gap between when they receive benefits and when the next benefit arrives. They will need to be aware of this so they can budget accordingly (regular March date assuming the shutdown has ended)
  • Please share this information with any SNAP recipients you work with.

Other Programs

Please contact us with any additional questions:
Terri Livermore, Food Policy Director,
Wendy Peters Moschetti, Food Systems Director,