Vendor Resources

  • As a vendor, it’s best to start by talking to the managers of the markets in which you want to sell your products. Each market is different in terms of costs, requirements, application process, and other criteria.  Visit the list of CFMA member markets as well as the statewide Colorado Farm Fresh Directory.
  • You may be required to carry insurance. CFMA recommends Campbell Risk Management as a provider of liability insurance for Farmers Markets and vendors.
  • Be safe and promote health!  Here are two excellent PDFs on Sampling Safety at Farmers Markets  and also Fruits and Vegetables: Start Fresh, Stay Safe.
  • Review this checklist-PDF: Cottage Food Checklist for Farmers Market Managers.
  • Since 2011, CSU Extension has collected information on product prices in farmers markets around the state since 2011,  and posted this information online for producers to use to help inform their marketing decisions. It is also useful to market managers who advise vendors on pricing. Products featured include fruits, vegetables, herbs, eggs, meats and some cut flowers. Use this info to a) understand how price points differ by market; b) see what products are available in other markets; and c) help producers plan for future production by better estimating potential revenue from the products they grow.  All price reports can be accessed here. Questions? Email Martha Sullins or call her at 970-491-3330.

Got a question about pickles?  mushrooms?  any food product?
Our CSU Extension Agents are invaluable resources:
Sheila Gains, 303-730-1920,
Anne Zander, 303-678-6238,

You can also search Extension’s online directory for an Extension office near you.

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CFMA recommends the Building Farmers Program.  Since 2007, Colorado State University Extension has been offering this course regularly at locations around the state.

Also, the Colorado Farm to Market website helps you navigate the road from farm to market. This site was developed to familiarize Colorado food producers and food product manufacturers with federal, state and local food licensing, permitting and other regulations and to help ensure that the path food travels from farm to fork is safe.